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读书是一种境界;是一种方法;更是一种生存法则。Reading is a realm, a method and a living rule.读书能丰沛自己的精神财富,读书能够让自己的冀望结晶成形,读书能驱除生命中的寂寞辰光,读书能改变生命的面貌。简言之,读书就是借助别人的工具拓展自己的思维空间,从而达致缩减缺点发展优点的目的。但是,读书是一种学问,读深邃的书是一门技艺。Reading can enrich one's spiritual wealth, crystallize one's hopes, dispel the loneliness in one's life, and change the face of one's life. In short, reading is to expand one's own thinking space with the help of other people's tools, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing disadvantages and developing advantages. However, reading is a kind of knowledge, and reading profound books is a skill.读书就是在纸面上锻炼自己的心智,辨别事理的曲直。我们就应从书中找到自己的期望,而不是去捕获作者的感伤。要明白书中的知识就好比一艘渡船载着我们在滔滔不息的人海里悠然怡得地航行,而不是让我们费尽心神地去负担那舟船的重荷。Reading is to exercise one's mind on paper and discern the straightness of reason. We should find our expectation in the book, not capture the author's sadness. To understand the knowledge in the book is like a ferry carrying us on a leisurely voyage in the endless sea of people, rather than making us take pains to bear the heavy load of the boat.若是把一本书读下来并没有感到自己的心灵在与作者阳光中的灵魂交谈,那这书的资料将在我们旅程的下一站的黑夜来临之际现出比黑夜还要丑陋的形貌。If you read a book and don't feel your heart talking with the author's soul in the sunshine, the data of this book will show a more ugly appearance than the dark night when the next stop of our journey comes.阅读浅显的无价值的书籍,就等于在智慧之宫的大门前徘徊,而默诵低劣或说淫秽的书册,则容易让我们日后产生悔恨,伤及心身,因为坏书正是诱惑我们舍弃大路而奔向曲弯小径的行恶者。Reading superficial and worthless books is equivalent to wandering in front of the gate of the palace of wisdom. Reciting inferior or obscene books is easy to make us regret and hurt our hearts and bodies in the future, because bad books are those who tempt us to abandon the road and run to the crooked path.如果说每一部学说都是造建智慧之宫的材料,那上乘的佳作就是那里的明光灿耀的门窗。每个人都不会被恒久地拒于智慧之宫的门外,正如每个人都能踏着时光的航路去与午阳对语一样。If every theory is the material for building the palace of wisdom, the best one is the bright windows and doors there. Everyone will not be permanently excluded from the door of the palace of wisdom, just as everyone can follow the route of time to talk with the afternoon sun.为了我们自己世界的美丽长存,我们就应透过门扉到智慧之宫里或说到优良的书籍里去填满心脑空余的空间。事实上,读一本既有深度也有广度的好书的过程,才是心智由贫弱到优裕的过程。思想深邃的书在几分钟之内就能让我们沉湎于它绘作的灿烂色彩的温馨之中,并且让我们立时忘却一切忧烦及不利于心身的惶惑所造作的东西。For the sake of the beauty of our own world, we should go through the door to the palace of wisdom or the excellent books to fill the empty space of our hearts and minds. In fact, the process of reading a good book with both depth and breadth is the process of the mind from poor to rich. In a few minutes, a book with profound thoughts can let us indulge in the warmth of its brilliant colors, and let us forget all the worries and perplexities that are not conducive to the mind and body.但是,理解这样一本崇高的思想之精华,我们的心智就如同攀爬一座雄伟的高山。如果在攀爬的期间,当真感到了心力交瘁,那我们不妨让自己的心身先到似如平台的书册中歇休消遣一番,之后再之后登攀那宏伟奇丽的高山。一旦到达了峰顶,那我们平时所看不到的美丽景色便尽收眼底了。But to understand the essence of such a noble thought, our mind is like climbing a magnificent mountain. If we feel really exhausted during climbing, we may as well let our mind and body go to the books like the platform to have a rest, and then climb the magnificent mountain. Once we reach the summit, we can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery that we usually can't see.假如当时把那好处非凡的书本弃之,而去搞别的什么娱乐,那么,它就能从我们的思想之窗上像一只红衣鸟似的恋恋不舍地远行高飞。于是我们除了惆怅之外,又能感到思想的小屋里一阵暗黑,因为我们的思想之窗也已关掉,让我们无法感受炙热阳光的问候。因此,不是不读书,而是没有读过经典之作的人,就没有解析生命存在好处的心智,没有也不可能有感悟时光妙趣的明敏。If we abandon the book with extraordinary benefits and engage in other entertainment at that time, it will be able to fly like a bird in red from our window of thought. So in addition to our melancholy, we can feel the darkness in the thought cabin, because our thought window has also been closed, so that we can not feel the greetings of the hot sun. Therefore, not those who do not read the classics, but those who have not read the classics, do not have the mind to analyze the benefits of life, do not have and cannot have the wisdom to appreciate the wonderful time.读书的要义就是进修自己的品性,以便在人海里鼓帆前行。如果博览了群书而不去实践,那只是在无涯的知识的海洋里拥有了古今中外的智者的思想之船,这就是说,如果不张开自己的心帆,仍是不能到达心之所想的目的地的。The essence of reading is to learn one's own character so as to go ahead in the sea of people. If you have read a group of books without practice, you will only have the ship of thought of the wise men of all ages and all over the world in the ocean of boundless knowledge. That is to say, if you don't open your heart sail, you still can't reach the destination your heart wants.