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高尔基说,书是人类进步的阶梯;莎士比亚说,书籍是人类知识的总统;列夫•托尔斯泰说,理想的书籍是智慧的钥匙……Gorky said that books are the ladder ofhuman progress; Shakespeare said that books are the president of humanknowledge; Lev Tolstoy said that ideal books are the key to wisdom书籍和阅读带给我们的不仅是对心中理想世界的坚持,更是对我们思想和心灵的升华与净化,进而改变我们的生活轨迹。What books and reading bring us is not onlythe insistence on the ideal world in our hearts, but also the sublimation andpurification of our thoughts and minds, so as to change our life trajectory.余秋雨先生曾经这样评论过书籍的功能,他说:“只有书籍,能把辽阔的时间浇灌给你,能把一切高贵生命早已飘散的信号传递给你,能把无数的智慧和美好对比着愚昧和丑陋一起呈现给你。区区五尺之躯,短短几十年光阴,居然能驰骋古今,经天纬地,这种奇迹的产生,至少有一半要归功于阅读。”Mr. Yu Qiuyu once commented on the functionof books like this. He said: "only books can irrigate vast time for you,transmit all the signals of noble life that have long gone away to you, andpresent countless wisdom and beauty to you, comparing ignorance with ugliness.It's only a matter of five feet. In just a few decades, we can gallop throughthe ages and the earth. At least half of this miracle is due to reading. "阅读使文字具有了永恒的价值,它比图像更空灵,比记忆更清晰,比冥想更深邃。它让你站在巨人的肩膀之上,让你凌驾于伟人的思考之上。阅读是人社会化的重要途径,它把自然人转化为社会人。我们所认识的世界、人生、社会,很多都源于阅读。Reading has the eternal value of words. Itis more ethereal than images, clearer than memories and deeper than meditation.It allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants, and let you surpass thethinking of giants. Reading is an important way to socialize people, whichtransforms natural people into social people. Many of the world, life andsociety we know come from reading.

看一本好书,我们仿佛在高空拨开了云雾,看到了激情的太阳,看到了绿色的土壤,看到了充满期望的百草地。临近地面,我们看到了那照出自己影子的水域,看到了真正的自我,看到了鲜花开放的地带,把自己从玄虚渺茫的奇境带到实在恳切的土地,从枯萎龟裂的土地到滋润有芳泽的绿荫。在那情绪高昂的过程中,竟然找到类似于自己的一份浪漫,一份儿时的天真,有自己身同体受的兄弟姐妹间的感情。只是作者那神奇的笔,把思想表达得清清楚楚,表达得准准确确,得体分明,如同在眼前一一闪现。有时竟然发现自己与伟大的思想相接相通,发现强大的力量,发现惊人的速度。于是突然间,自己也伟大了起来,自己也是一位“伟人”了,在恍然间春风满面,意气挥发。Reading a good book, we seem to have liftedthe clouds in the sky, saw the sun of passion, saw the green soil, and saw ahundred grasslands full of expectations. Near the ground, we can see the waterarea that reflects our own shadow, see the real self, see the open area offlowers, bring ourselves from the mysterious and remote wonderland to the realand sincere land, from the withered and cracked land to the moist and fragrant greenshade. In the process of high mood, I found a romance similar to myself, achildhood innocence, and the feelings between brothers and sisters with my ownbody. It's just the author's magic pen, which expresses his thoughts clearly,accurately and appropriately, as if they flash in front of his eyes one by one.Sometimes I find that I am connected with great ideas, I find great power, Ifind amazing speed. So all of a sudden, I'm also great, and I'm also a"great man". Suddenly, spring is all over my face, and my spiritevaporates.

书中那丰富的知识营养让自己无知的空间逐渐缩小,有知的视野越来越开阔,在一刹那间世界顿时奇大无比。让自己了解了以前的愚蠢与渺小,好想把以往的天真与短浅去除,把简单的异想天开收拢起来,应对现实,应对外面的大世界;把料想不到的“井底之蛙”从井底跳出来,来到广阔的天地,见识天高地厚,见识宇宙的无垠。不再把自己藏起来,而是勇敢应对事实。不再因无知感到惭愧,不再因愚昧感到羞耻,而是一向向前进步,在突然之间,自己不知不觉已经取得了收获,取得了力量。The rich knowledge and nutrition in thebook make the space of ignorance narrow gradually, and the vision of knowingbecomes wider and wider. In a moment, the world suddenly becomes extremelylarge. Let yourself understand the stupidity and insignificance of the past, soas to get rid of the innocence and shortness of the past, gather up the simplefantasy, deal with the reality, deal with the outside world; jump theunexpected "frog at the bottom of the well" from the bottom of thewell to the vast world, see the sky and the earth, and see the boundlessness ofthe universe. Don't hide yourself anymore, but deal with the facts bravely. Nolonger ashamed of ignorance, no longer ashamed of foolishness, but alwaysmoving forward. Suddenly, I have made gains and gained strength unconsciously.文章中那几行字让自己发现巧妙,发现神奇。最后了解、得知作家笔端的出神入化与匪夷所思;在阅读中发现童年的遐想,发现人性的魅力,发现远大的志向,发现梦想与现实的距,发现遭遇的不同,发现各种人性,世界之奇,真是无所不有……The lines in the article let me find outthe cleverness and wonder. In the end, I know that the writer's writing styleis fantastic and fantastic; in reading, I find the reverie of childhood, thecharm of human nature, the ambition, the distance between dream and reality,the difference in experience, all kinds of human nature and the wonder of theworld阅读文章,最后慢慢地懂得了自己与书中的音乐家,画家,思想家,哲学家,军事家,诗人,文学家等等交流,甚至沟通,让自己化腐朽为神奇。让自己明白了朽木不可雕,明白了能够依木量才,因地制宜。After reading the article, I slowly learnedhow to communicate with the musicians, painters, thinkers, philosophers,militarists, poets, writers, etc. in the book, and even communicate with them,so as to make them become immortal and mysterious. Let oneself understand thatrotten wood can't be carved, understand that we can measure talents accordingto wood and adjust measures to local conditions.书本是一个海洋,凭君在海洋中悠悠而行,乘坐着那一艘小船,终将带你到知识的岸边。我们谦虚谨慎地在知识的海洋中航行,自由自在地捕捉动人的情感,虽然有时难免暂时帆破船倒,但真理却在那里闪光……A book is an ocean. You can walk in theocean with your king. In that small boat, you will be taken to the shore ofknowledge. We sail modestly and cautiously in the ocean of knowledge, andfreely capture moving emotions. Although it is inevitable that we will breakthe boat for a while, the truth shines there阅读虽不能改变人生的长度,但可以改变人生的宽度和厚度。通过阅读你可以视通四海,思接千古,与智者交谈,与伟人对话。对于一个生命有限的人来说,这是一件多么幸福的事啊。而阅读的意义在于,它在超越世俗生活的层面上,建立起精神生活的世界。一个人的阅读史,即是他的心灵发育史。阅读使人超越动物性,不致沦为活动木偶,行尸走肉。停止阅读就意味着切断了与世界的沟通,与心灵的沟通,人生也就是进入了死循环,可以说,是阅读拯救了我们。我们无力改变人生的起点,但却可以通过阅读改变人生的终点。阅读虽不能改变人生的长度,但可以改变人生的宽度和厚度。通过阅读你可以视通四海,思接千古,与智者交谈,与伟人对话。对于一个生命有限的人来说,这是一件多么幸福的事啊。Reading can not change the length of life,but can change the width and thickness of life. Through reading, you can seeall over the world, think about the past, talk with wise people, and talk withgreat people. How happy it is for a person with limited life.而阅读的意义在于,它在超越世俗生活的层面上,建立起精神生活的世界。一个人的阅读史,即是他的心灵发育史。阅读使人超越动物性,不致沦为活动木偶,行尸走肉。停止阅读就意味着切断了与世界的沟通,与心灵的沟通,人生也就是进入了死循环,可以说,是阅读拯救了我们。The significance of reading lies in that itsets up the world of spiritual life beyond the level of secular life. Aperson's history of reading is his history of spiritual development. Readingmakes people transcend animal nature, not become puppets and walking dead. Tostop reading means to cut off the communication with the world, with the mind,and life is entering a dead cycle. It can be said that reading saves us.我们无力改变人生的起点,但却可以通过阅读改变人生的终点。We can't change the beginning of life, butwe can change the end of life through reading.